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Who we are

JHC Mid-Atlantic provides a range of management services to recreational and educational organizations. We specialize in sport-related topics, including program planning, organization structure advice, education innovation, and growth.

Informing education and recreation professionals to reconsider how they plan to use their resources is part of JHC Mid-Atlantic's mandate. The team offers superior technical expertise, which has been built up via their work in various city and consulting organizations. We offer education strategy consulting services, including in education-related companies, including governments, charities, foundations, publishers of educational materials, digital learning providers, private equity firms, sovereign wealth funds, and early-care providers.

We team up and pool our experience to give you the help you need for your specific assignments. We devote an enormous amount of commitment and passion to everything on which we work. Our organizational style is characterized by an open communication policy, short lines, and a wide range of network connections.

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